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2300 Radar/ Laser Detector



TMG 2300 is a radar detector with ultimate performance yet a bargain price. Its sensibility against K and KA radars is about 5 dBm above average, that is about extra 100 meters of warning range.  With advanced false filtering technology and DSP (digital signal processing), unlike most bargain radar detectors that pick up false alerts driving users crazy, 2300 keeps quiet most of the time, even in a city.

2300 is a radar detector that performs great in key features and excludes seldom used ones that increase cost. It is your best choice for a  bargain radar detector!


Radar detection- X band, K band, Super Wide KA band

Instant-on/ Pulsed radar detection

Laser detection-  904nm

VG-2, Spectre undetectable.

City / Highway Modes

Real Voice Warning

DSP- Digital Signal Processing

STS- Signal Tracking System

Smart Volume Down

DEMO button

Easily accessible POWER button on th top



2300 VS. Strelka radar in Moscow, Russia

2300 VS. K band fixed radar in Moscow, Russia