GRL-209 GPS Radar Detector Click image to view full size

GRL-209 GPS Radar Detector




1. Driving Side Fixed Pole Speed/ Red Light Camera Warning with Speed Limit

2. Powered-on Fixed Speed Cameras Identification

3. Camera Distance Countdown

4. Built-in Speed Limit Map (Unique!) Speed limit change reminder (New!)

5. School Zone Timer (New!)/ Road Safety Warnings/ Auto-dim 

6. GPS Time/ Location/ Direction/ Speed Indicators

7. Free Database Update

8. User Programmable Mute Zones / User Programmable Warning Spots

9. X, K, KA, Super Wide Band KA, with Ultra Sensibility, No False Alerts

10. Instant-on/ Pulsed Radar Detection

11. Emergency Vehicle Warning

12. Electronic Compass

13. STS- Signal Tracking System


Port: Keelung Port or Tau-yuan Airport 

Production Capacity: 3000 Pieces/Month

Accessaries: Installation Bracket, USB Cable, 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Cord, User's Manual.